Easy Ways To Introduce Your New Love Interest

It has come time to introduce your best pal to your new love and your nervous how it could go. Could be a good meeting or could be a horribly wrong one but none the less they must meet.
Here are a couple of ways that can make it easy to introduce them:
  • Take them for a walk together. Walking together is a great way for your bud to see how your love interacts with you and how calm you are around them. Animals react to our body language and smells they are sensitive to our feelings and emotions and can pick up if someone is making us uncomfortable. Hand the leash over to your love and let them lead for a while too.
  • Meeting at the dog park or beach is a great way for your dog to unleash some extra energy and get to know your new love. Sometimes having other dogs around to help your dog accept someone in an open area can help. They could go off the feelings of the other dogs that your love interest is not a threat.
  • If you have a pet that can be a little possessive I suggest having a piece of personal clothing of your new love and have them get used to their scent. That way when they meet they will familiarize themselves with the scent in a calm matter because it is now no longer new to them and now they can investigate further who they are.
  • Have your love spoil them for a little while, example have them hand your dog the treats and play with toys together.
These can make meeting for the first time not such a big deal and could create a memorable one. Good luck and let us know how it goes. We love to hear our success stories.
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