How Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Dogs are known for being loving, charismatic, fun, and being your best friend.   But do our dogs love us back? The short answer: Yes. Dogs express their emotions in a variety of ways–ranging from super subtle to totally obvious–so, sometimes, it can be tough to tell what’s a positive expression or a negative expression.

Here are the different ways they express there love:

1. They Lean Against You

If your dog leans on you, it’s because they feel safe and secure with you. Sometimes dogs will lean against their humans when they’re feeling scared or anxious, but that only means he sees you as his protector.

2. They Look Into Your Eyes

If your dog feels loved, safe, and happy he will look into your eyes.  Maintaining eye contact isn’t just a useful tool while you’re training your dog–it can help you create a deep bond, too. In fact, when your dog looks at you, their brain releases oxytocin. The oxytocin is know as the love hormone, and your dog releases it every time they look into your eyes.

3. They Get Excited When You Get Home

Dogs can’t contain themselves when they’re happy, that’s why they get excited every time their favorite person arrives. They will Jump, bark (of happiness), and you will receive some kisses, be happy and celebrate because this is love.  They are absolutely thrilled to see you! And, chances are, you’re very excited too!

4. The Most Prized Treasure

The most prized treasure a dog has apart from you, is the its toy. If your dog gives you its toy, it is a demonstration of love and affection, do not reject it, grab it and hand it over again.

5. Kisses

It is another way to say hey human I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

6. They Protect You

A dog is not only a friend, but it is also someone who will protect you. There are many stories in which dogs rescue their owner from danger.

7. Get Jealous

Your dog knows you’re of its property, so he doesn’t like to share, never. Keep in mind that not all dogs are like that, some of them are very easy-going regarding sharing.

The bottom line? Our dogs love us unconditionally–they just sometimes express it in weirder ways. These signs of puppy love can help you determine if you and your pupper are truly bonded.

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