How Dogs Bring Love Into Your Life

Every day, countless dog owners express this sentiment by telling their pooches how cute they are, what good boys or girls they’re being and how much they are loved.  Dogs are not only protective animals; having a furry friend means having a new four-legged member of the family, and they will be with you all its life.

If you have a dog, chances are, you would do almost anything for them. Those “feels”- they are very real.  Dogs bring love in our lives in many different ways. Sometimes our pooches are our superheroes and rescue us from situations such as depression, sadness, bitterness, loneliness, among other things.  The gentle nudge of a wet nose or a lick on the hand comes unbidden when we’re upset or feeling down. The bounding dash to the door to greet us is also a demonstrable sign of the strength of the human–canine bond, in particular. That is why they call dogs “mans best friend”.

Dogs have many ways to show how much they love their human families! Paying attention to your pet’s body language will help you understand what makes her a happy dog. Return her affection with lots of playing, verbal praise and cuddling and you’ll have the most loving bond with your best friend!

Bonding with your dog strengthens and preserves your relationship. This is sure to benefit the health and well-being of both you and your dog.  Of course, the best way to bond is simply to spend time with your dog and treat her like the amazing, unique, lovable best friend that she is. Bonding occurs naturally between dogs and the people who treat them well. Take good care of your dog, and he/she will reward you with a lifetime of love.

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