Things You Need To Know Dating A Dog Lover

Doggie Date is intended for single dog-lovers looking for that special someone that shares that special love for our four-legged friends.

Love Me, Love My Dog

An internet based study found that 98% of dog owners state that their partner must get along with their furry friend and 40% even said that they would bring their pooch along out on the date with them!

You Will Begin To Look  For ‘Dog Friendly’ Places

On the off chance that you will urge your date to bring their pooch along when you get together, you will find that your website search history winds up over-burden web searches with phases, for example, ‘dog friendly places’ and ‘dog-friendly restaurants near me’.  This will be great practice for when you live with a dog lover and choose that their canine companion shouldn’t need to miss out on a Sunday Funday adventure, since they aren’t human.

The Issue of Jealousy

You will find that you once in a while your dog will be abnormally jealousy of your date’s affections and thinking about how you can get there head stroked and given the full attention at all times.  as some dog don’t like to share there owners.

They Adore a Good Walk

Walking is a important part of being a dog owner, so you realize that your new date will enjoy going for long strolls in the neighborhood with you. Expect all the much yearned for ‘long strolls on the beach’ (dog friendly beaches of course) and ‘romantic walks around the rain’.

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