5 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Friends

As you can see we cherish creatures here at Doggie Date? We’re obsessed with all animals, however today, we will discuss dogs, and how they aren’t just man’s closest companion – they’re lady’s closest companion, also.  Here are a couple of reasons about why your dog is your best friend.

1. Your Dog Is The Ideal Doorbell – and Home Alarm System

I’m the kind of individual who swears that somebody is breaking into my home the second a pipe makes a sound or the dryer goes off. I’m restless, and I’m generally an anxious person, in spite of the fact I’ve never had any sort of horrible indecent transpire before that should make me worry.

My dog can basically hear what’s going on my neighborhood. On the off chance that there’s another canine an area away, my puppy needs to meet that dog quickly and tell it not to come excessively near his home. In the event my dog hears an noise and doesn’t have a response, I know it’s nothing to worry about.

2. Your Dog Is The Best Snuggle Buddy and Keeps Your Bed Warm

In the latest Internet survey, only 25% of dog owners let their dogs sleep on their beds. While some don’t like when their dog hoards the blankets, dogs help warm up the bed on cool evenings. On the off chance that your puppy doesn’t snore, you’re even much more fortunate. In any case if you sleep alone, it’ll likely be more soothing to have a companion close by.

3. Your Pooch Will Love You Unconditionally

People can go back and forth, however your pooch will stay with you forever. Regardless of whether you didn’t land that position or you think you’ll be single forever, your puppy will demonstrate to you that they don’t care – and you’ll never be truly alone with your canine around.

4. Dogs Are Constantly Excited When You Return Home

You had an awful day, and you would prefer not to speak with anybody. In any case, realizing that your pooch is there with a wagging their tail, ready to greet you and provide you kisses and love, this helps makes all the other things in life go away.

5. Dogs Take Stunning Selfies

Regardless of whether you adore or despise selfies, let it be known – you’ve taken a couple of yourself, regardless of whether you’ve decided not to post them on Facebook or Instagram.  Most dogs are very photogenic, and many have their very own social networking pages. When you need an extraordinary selfie that will likewise fill in as a great memory, welcoming your canine in the mix will be an incredible time.

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