Doggie date is founded in West Palm Beach Florida. Part of the renowned Treasure Coast in the Palm Beach area with thousands of pet owners. We wanted a place where we could bring people together where they could chat, share videos, pictures, and stories of their pets while also looking for a special fit in their family to share adventures with.

The idea of doggie date was born. Our goal became connecting people together by also giving back to our communities. When you sign up as a member on doggiedate or purchase any of our products a portion of your proceeds will be used to give back to shelters and programs designed to help animals.

Doggiedate has special matching capabilities to help you find that perfect fit for you and your special bud. There are specific profile questions that we have not seen asked anywhere else, that could possibly lead you to that one perfect fit.
We also have options for sending gifts to that special member. You never know, you could be uploading your adventures together here soon.

We always want to be sure to evolve with you so don’t be shy to drop us a bone over by contact us. We would love to hear from you. Good Luck and enjoy the site.