5 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Friends

As you can see we cherish creatures here at Doggie Date? We’re obsessed with all animals, however today, we will discuss dogs, and how they aren’t just man’s closest companion – they’re lady’s closest companion, also.  Here are a couple of reasons about why your dog is your best friend. 1. Your Dog Is The Ideal Doorbell – and Home Alarm System I’m the kind of individual who swears that somebody is breaking into my home the second a pipe

5 Good Reasons To Get A Second Dog

Adopting and loving about a puppy can be an amazingly rewarding moment.  Embracing a second puppy when you already have one canine is something pet parents regularly waver to do.  Most individuals only adopt 1 dog at a time, and many will not consider adopting a second pooch. Here are  5 Reasons Why Getting a Second Dog Is a Good Idea 1. It’s More Than Double The Fun Getting a second canine doesn’t simply twofold the enjoyment of owning a

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